Terminal Actions

Terminal Actions can be accessed from both the Terminals Dashboard, and from within the Terminal Settings. The options listed below are available when selected from within the Terminal Settings.


Create Cashback: (2-way BATMs only) begins a manually-created REDEEM ticket to your customer.

Clear Short Counters: reset the short counters to zero. Used between cashbox drains.

Clear Terminal Balance: manually reset the balance as needed and on-demand.

Recycler float down: empties the Recycler - all cached banknotes are emptied to the cashbox.

  • BATM models without an installed Recycler will generate an error message.

Get Alarm Disengage PIN: generate a temporary PIN to disable the BATM Alarm.


Duplicate Terminal: quick method of replicating another terminal when adding another.

Wi-Fi Reconfigure: Use this option to change your CONNECTED BATM’s Wi-Fi settings.

  • Unless the BATM is already connected to CAS, there’s no way to communicate to the BATM that you wish for it to connect to a different Wi-Fi option.

  • Enter the precise SSID and Password to connect.

  • A failed connection will automatically revert to the “old” working connection.

IP Whitelist Configuration: adjust your whitelisted IPs.

Delete Terminal: hide the Terminal from view & use.

Unpair Terminal: re-pairs the BATM signature with CAS (security).

For BATMs without a Dispenser or Recycler, this one-time conversion may be required:

Convert to Two way machine: adds the necessary configuration and reporting to enable this BATM to account for outgoing fiat.

Convert to One way machine: removes the configuration and reporting for this BATM to account for outgoing fiat.


Remote Screen Inspection: takes a current screenshot of the BATM upon command, and saves it here.

Uptime Analytics: view a report showing the statistics regarding Terminal uptime.

Surveillance photos: inspect any photos triggered by “Collect Photo”.

Collect Photo: tells the BATM to take a picture. This may take a few minutes to show up in the list accessed by clicking on Surveillance photos (above).

Collect Videos: tells the BATM to upload any saved videos to the CAS server (e.g. cashbox collection videos).


Reboot Terminal: restart and reload the terminal software.

Terminal Self Test: see https://generalbytes.atlassian.net/l/c/vRd3sr6i

Clear Remembered HW Configuration: resets the HW fingerprint. This can “break” existing pairing, but is required when replacing certain BATM components.

Factory Reset: perform a remote factory reset.



Upgrade Terminal: select this to upgrade the BATM software to the latest version immediately. Upgrades are frequently released monthly. After upgrading remotely, be sure to refresh your browser to see the newly installed version reflected accurately.

Acceptor Update: downloads and installs new acceptor firmware to the BATM. See: https://generalbytes.atlassian.net/l/cp/f1N2HR97

Create Restore Point: this forces your BATM to backup your current state. In the event of a crash, the BATM will automatically restore itself to that saved state (firmware, Server IP, and Admin QR).

USB Dongle Update: prepares new firmware to be uploaded to the Terminal’s door sensor dongle.


Triggers the creation of a Terminal Template based upon the settings of the current Terminal.

See: https://generalbytes.atlassian.net/l/cp/WS4CeeM0

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