“Persons” are the entities involved in your BATM network. You must have at least one person setup before you can add a terminal to the CAS system, and one is automatically created when the CAS is installed.

Customize the default Person, add more as needed.

  • The Persons dashboard shows Persons currently configured.

Add a new Person.

View the Person

Note: You should have your Organization configured before creating a new person.

Entries marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

First Name*: someone's first name. It doesn't have to be yours, but it can't be blank.

Last Name*: someone's last name. It also can't be blank.

Street Address, City, State, ZIP, Country: mailing information for this individual (for internal administrative use)

Phone: telephone information for this individual (also internal administrative use)

Email: emailing information for this individual.

  • NOTE: once set, this setting cannot be changed (security measure).

Organization*: (admin only) – the organization that this person belongs to. This is usually the sole organization in the system, but if one database houses several companies, then this is how the contacts are separated. A person MUST belong to an organization in this system.

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Save it.


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