Reset to Factory Defaults

Factory Reset will revert your simplest BATM settings to the factory defaults.

The simple reset reverts only these settings:

  • Admin QR code

  • Server IP

  • Wi-Fi

Focus settings & your screen color scheme remains unchanged. 

To perform a simple reset:

1. Remove the stacker/cashbox from the BATM. The "Stacker Out" error will display.

If you’re unable to access the cashbox, see below: Alternate Method

2. Press the button labeled S2 on your motherboard.

  • The position of this button may be slightly different depending on the version of the motherboard.

  • If the mainboard was manufactured prior to 2018, the S2 button may be missing. Factory reset is unavailable on these models.

3. Watch for a green factory reset confirmation to flash momentarily on the screen.

4. Restart your BATM.

You may now need to update your BATM firmware.

Alternate method

In some deployments, your cash collection company may disable your access to your cashbox.

NOTE: You may reset the BATM to factory defaults, but you still won’t be able to access the ADVANCED Administration screen! The SERVER IP will be reset to use the GB default, and you can’t change it without accessing the cashbox.

Use this alternate method where necessary:

1. Turn your BATM OFF!

2. Remove the BATM’s acceptor head.

3. Reapply power to the BATM.

4. Wait for this error to show:

  • the error may take awhile (up to a few minutes) depending upon the equipment installed.

5. Press the button labeled S2 on your motherboard.

  • Watch for the green confirmation flash on the screen.

6. Turn your BATM OFF!

7. Reinstall the acceptor head.

8. Reapply power to the BATM.

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