Custom Fields

Custom fields may be added to your Locations and/or Identities. The entered data is then stored in the CAS database, and increases your Operation’s breadth of record-keeping.

Add a new Custom Field:

Select either Location or Identity:

“Identity”-type Custom Fields also include a visibility option:

Choose the Type: 





Single Line Text
Paragraph Text
Radio Button

Create a unique internal name.

The internal name is never displayed in CAS, and is for your own reference only. Each one must be unique.

Create a label.

The label is shown next to the field (in Location or Identity).

Describe the field.

This is shown whenever the nearby help icon is clicked or hovered.

Create a validator (if desired).

  • Only applies to: Single Line Text and Paragraph Text.

  • Only Regex expressions are accepted (e.g. “/d” = only decimals can be entered).

  • For help with Regex expressions, see this useful Java Regex website:

Save it.

Example #1 in Locations

Using the above example, our Locations (belonging to the same Organization) will display:

Example in Identities

Each “Custom Field” will now appear as an AML/KYC Registration & Authentication option.

Drag it to the list, then specify which Custom Field will apply.

Save it (in the AML/KYC setting).

Now this item will appear during Customer registration.

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