Log Viewer

CAS activity and errors are constantly logged. These logs are critical tools to diagnose & resolve CAS & customer problems.

Hidden to most users, your User account must have Administrator privileges to access this function.

If you use the GB Cloud, please see: https://generalbytes.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ESD/pages/949059785

Log Viewer

Search for specific information as desired.

The “Master Log” records all activity between your BATMs and CAS. This is the first place to look when your BATM isn’t doing something you expect it to do. Note that the “Master” log may be quite large, and may take awhile to load.

  • Also located on your server at: /var/log/batm/master.log

The “Admin Log” records everything you do through CAS. When you add an exchange or a wallet, problems with your configuration may be identified here.

  • Also located on your server at: /var/log/batm/admin.log

GO TO END OF FILE” is a way to “cut to the chase” - the most recent activity in the log and the most likely area to find any specific error or malfunction you may be seeking.

GO TO BEGIN OF FILE” surprisingly enough displays the beginning of the log.

If you choose to search for a specific RID, LID, or BT# then enter it in the text box, and choose:

  • The log is appended with new entries, so the end of the log will contain the most recent entries. Search from the end of the file for fastest (and most recent) results.

  • The logs are archived weekly, and old logs are compressed. These old logs can be found on your CAS server using:

1 sudo ls -lart /var/log/batm/