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CAS activity and errors are constantly logged. These logs are critical tools to diagnose & resolve CAS & customer problems. Not all errors are a problem. Some errors are expected and intentional, and what is DONE with the error is then important. We try to log everything relevant, and we don’t delete logs.

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Log Viewer

Search for specific information as desired.

The “Master Log” records all activity between your BATMs and CAS. This is the first place to look when your BATM isn’t doing something you expect it to do.

  • located on your server at: /var/log/batm/master.log

  • The Master Log contains:

    • Transactions,

    • Crypto Setting tests,

    • SMS messaging results & details,

    • third-party (e.g Veriff, Telesign, etc) chatter,

    • BATM communication pings & errors.

The “Admin Log” records everything you do through the CAS front-end (GUI).

  • located on your server at: /var/log/batm/admin.log

  • The Admin Log contains:

    • Login info,

    • Configuration changes & audit trail.

GO TO END OF FILE” is a way to “cut to the chase” - the most recent activity in the log and the most likely area to find any specific error or malfunction you may be seeking.

GO TO BEGIN OF FILE” surprisingly enough displays the beginning of the log.

If you choose to search for a specific RID, LID, or BT# (in Master Log) then enter it in the text box, and choose:

  • The log is appended with new entries, so the end of the log will contain the most recent entries. Search from the end of the file for fastest (and most recent) results.

  • “Grep” returns just the log entries that contain that search phrase. If you’re interested in entries immediately before or after the search phrase, then disable Grep.


The master log grows very large quite quickly, so if it exceeds 10MB on Sunday, it’s archived. Transactions or events that took place before that Sunday can be located in the appropriate archive. Archives are reference only, and can be deleted at your discretion. Our system won’t delete logs.

  • Currently, the admin.log file is not archived.

Explore the log directory:

ls -ltr /var/log/batm/*.gz
  • the “gz” archives are listed by time in reverse order.

  • the first week of a month is saved as “01”, the second as “02”, etc.

  • the log must exceed 10MB to be archived (or it will be used as-is and reconsidered the following week). This may result in some weeks (e.g. “02”) not showing up in the directory (in this case, examine the following week, e.g “03”).

Extract the selected archive using gunzip:

gunzip -k /var/log/batm/gzip_archive
  • replace “gzip_archive” with the actual archive filename (e.g master.log.2022-08.04.gz).

  • the archive will be extracted to the log directory in the format: master.log.yyyy-mm.ww

  • the -k switch keeps the archive file (omitting it will delete the archive after extracting it).

Search for the relevant data, for example, to find a specific transaction (using the RID “RTD75X”):

grep "RTD75X" "/var/log/batm/master.log.2022-09.01"
  • returns all matching log entries that contain that RID.

Delete the archives at your discretion:

  • this command will remove all archived master logs from 2021.

  • We strongly recommend you copy the logs to another offsite server for permanent storage before deletion. It’s better to have them & not need them, than vice-versa.

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