Patch Releases

Major releases will be patched as bugs are resolved. These are called “patch” or “point” releases.

  • Patch releases never include new functionality or major changes.

  • Patch releases are always explicitly bug fixes. NOT a new functionality.

Reinstalling a major release will automatically install the latest patch release.

Patch releases frequently contain preemptive bug fixes for issues that were found in newer releases.

Note: the decision to back-port to older versions via patch releases is made by GENERAL BYTES based on the severity of the issue (and other factors).

We strongly encourage operators to routinely upgrade to the newest patch release (weekly), and to upgrade to the latest full release at least every two months. This is for security purposes.

Upgrading your server or terminal to the same installed version results in the installation of the latest patch release for that particular version.

For example:
sudo /batm/batm-manage upgrade-server 20220311

Note: the version must not contain a dot (or the patch level after the dot)!

EOL abbreviation next to the release version means that the release version already reached End Of Life and there are no new patches planned for this release. It is highly recommended to operate your server only a version that has not reached EOL yet. Operator should be ready to receive emergency security patch that might not be available for EOL marked versions.


Select your release below:

List of releases that have patch releases

Version 20240301

BATM-6395 Sprites - DELETE triggers 500 error - when a sprite is used in some skin definition
BATM-6400 Cashback tickets created within same day are considered as expired
CF-636 ETH Addresses with memo not being matched against Blacklisted addresses
BATM-6406 Create buy transaction using extension fails

BATM-6396 Replaced bitcoinj 0.16.1 library with 0.16.3

BATM-6347 Updated billing

BATM-6384 RCkit fix of acceptor disconnected error

BATM-6376 US sanction list fails to download

Version 20240201 - Reached EOL

Version 20231212 - Reached EOL

Version 20231101 - Reached EOL

Version 20230901 - Reached EOL

Version 20230801 - Reached EOL

Version 20230701 - Reached EOL

Version 20230601 - Reached EOL

Version 20230515 - Reached EOL

Version 20230228 - Reached EOL

Version 20230120 - Reached EOL

Version 20221118 - Reached EOL

Version 20221001 - Reached EOL

Version 20220930 - Reached EOL

Version 20220815 - Reached EOL

Version 20220725 - Reached EOL

Version 20220531 - Reached EOL

Version 20220429 - Reached EOL

Version 20220311 - Reached EOL

Version 20220209 - Reached EOL

Version 20220106 - Reached EOL


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