Locations describe the geographic deployment location of your ATM. The configured location is typically shared on the CoinATMRadar app. You must have at least one location listed to setup a new Terminal.

Locations Dashboard:

Create a new Location.

View the Location

Delete the Location

  • This button is hidden if the Location is used by any Terminal.

Location details:

Name* (required)

Provide a short, identifiable description of the Location

Time Zone* (required)

Set it & forget it. The timezone shouldn’t be changed after it is set.

  • Determines the “Terminal time” reported in logs & reports.

  • Enter the address, if possible. Note: the map (below) must be adjusted manually. It won’t automatically move to reflect any address specified here. CoinATMRadar.com relies on the map coordinates!

  • The Country is required.

  • Move the marker to set the latitude & longitude for map displays.

  • The map does not automatically move to reflect any address entered above!

  • CoinATMRadar relies on these mapped coordinates! Any address (above) is ignored.

  • Set the Organization if different than the default (admin only).

  • Designate a Cash Collection Company if one is implemented.

SHOW LOCATION DEPLOYMENT HISTORY displays BATM deployments at this location.

Open Hours:


Add relevant notes about this location as needed.

Save it!