AML / KYC Settings

Your AML/KYC settings are created and configured here. One setting may be applied to all Terminals, or they may be individually configured, or anywhere in-between.

AML/KYC may be the most important aspect of your business, and it’s very important that you configure your system to comply with your regional laws. SEEK LEGAL COUNSEL!

General Bytes cannot, and will not, provide advice on your legal requirements. We are a global organization in a very fluid legal environment; we do not pretend to be legal experts or in any way qualified to answer questions that may potentially lead to violations of the law.

Registrations may be automated:

AML/KYC Dashboard

The AML/KYC dashboard displays a concise summary of your system-wide AML/KYC settings.

General Settings


Internal Name*:

describe the setting, i.e. “New York KYC Policy”.


(admin only) assigns this policy to a specific Organization.

Reject PEPs:

PEPs (Politically Exposed People) must (by regional law) identify themselves during financial transactions. Enabling this option rejects those customers that are determined to be PEPs.

Allow Only Customers With Known Phone Identity

This option prevents Unregistered customers with forbidden phone number types from attempting to use your BATMs (and this policy).

  • Only available in CANADA & the UNITED STATES.

  • This is a charged service via your Telesign account.

  • Must also be enabled in your Organization settings.

  • Must also be enabled in Terminal details.

Reject High Risk Transactions:

High risk transactions are those determined by a 3rd party after a target wallet address (BUY) or a sending address (SELL) is used. When enabled, transactions that are identified as “high risk” will be disabled.

Use External Registration Only:

An external system will be used to search for identities, otherwise the internal system will be used for identifying. This option should be enabled only if you use the instruction "Nothing, Go To Website" (see below).

Cryptoaddress Pinning

After being used by an Identity, a crypto-address will become exclusive to that Identity (for the “X” days specified in the Pinning Window).

  • Security measure to deter scamming.

  • Other Identities won’t be able to use the same wallet address during that window.

Pinning Window (in days)

See: Cryptoaddress Pinning (above).

Travel Rule Configuration

the “Travel” rule requires all financial institutions to pass on certain information to the next financial institution, in certain funds transmittals involving more than one financial institution.

Setting is ignored - unless configured in Organization settings.


  • Disabled

  • Enabled, unknown counterparty transactions rejected

  • Enabled, unknown counterparty transactions allowed

Travel Rule Amount Threshold

Transactions above this amount (inclusive, in Default Fiat Currency configured below) will be submitted to the configured Travel Rule Provider. Lesser amounts will be ignored.

Allow withdrawals only for the same identity as sell transaction

When enabled/set, a SELL transaction WITHDRAWAL can only executed by the same Identity that performed the SELL.

Minimum Age

Set the [integer] minimum age to transact.

Verify Wallet Ownership

Enabled: prompts a user to confirm on the BATM that the wallet used - belongs to the user. Configure the prompt using the Custom String:

Configuration types:

One (or more) need to be enabled/selected to define your sale limits. The limits control how the approval process is applied (if applied at all).

  • VIP limits may also be used for individuals to permit larger transaction sizes and discounts.

  • See: Identities: VIP

If AML/KYC is not implemented, use Anonymous Limits to restrict individual transaction amounts.

Unregistered Customers have not completely satisfied (or do not require) KYC verification.

  • The “Cash Limit Per Transaction” amount here must be higher than the Anonymous limit, and

  • the “Cash Limit Per Transaction” amount here must be less than the Registered limit.

  • Adjust the button text (if desired):

Registered Customers have satisfied your KYC requirements and can purchase up the limits set in this section.

  • The “Cash Limit Per Transaction” amount here must be higher than the Unregistered limit, and

  • the “Cash Limit Per Transaction” amount here must be less than the Premium limit.

  • Adjust the button text (if desired):

Premium Customers are preferred customers with the highest limits. If implemented, these amounts must exceed all others.

  • The “Cash Limit Per Transaction” amount here must be higher than the Registered limit.

  • No button is displayed on the BATM screen for this tier - customers using this tier are “Registered” but enjoy the higher limits associated with this tier.

All configurations offer these options (except Premium):

Hide ____ tier button on BUY terminal screen

When checked/enabled, the limit will not be available to the user at the BATM for BUY.

If all 3 tiers for BUY are hidden, BUY will still be visible - but Choose Limit screen will be empty!

Hide ____ tier button on SELL terminal screen

When checked/enabled, the limit will not be available to the user at the BATM for SELL.

If all 3 tiers for SELL are hidden, SELL will still be visible - but Choose Limit screen will be empty!

Enable cash payments

When checked, cash sales can use this limit.

Default = enabled.

Enable card payments

When checked, card payments can use this limit.

  • Default = disabled.

Total Terminal Limits

Restrict aggregate transactions to specific amounts, or leave it at zero for no restrictions. This limit prevents the BATM from running out of fiat (and being out of service), or exceeding safe amounts in the cashbox.

Limits available:

  • Cash Limit Per Transaction* must be NON-ZERO!

  • Cash Limit Per Hour*

  • Cash Limit Per Day*

  • Cash Limit Per Week* (US and GB: Sun-Sat, everywhere else: Mon-Sun)

  • Cash Limit Per Month* (All transactions between right now and right now minus 1 month. Ie. for right now being 28.2.2023 02:00:00 the result would be: 28.2.2023 02:00:00 - 1 month = 28.1.2023 02:00:00. All transactions between 28.2.2023 02:00:00 and 28.1.2023 02:00:00 28 will be calculated into the limit)

  • Cash Limit Per 3 Months*

  • Cash Limit Per 12 Months*

  • Cash Limit Per Calendar Year Quarter*

  • Cash Limit Per Calendar Year*

  • Cash Limit Per Day And Crypto Address*

  • Total Cash Limit Per Crypto Address*

Verification Logic

Drag and Drop verification methods from the list on the right, to the appropriate section. Items will be requested in the order they are placed.

Registration items are required to comply with your policies.

Authentication items are required prior to a transaction to prove a customer’s identity.

Total Terminal Limits

These settings are useful for preventing cash outages or excessive cash onsite.

Cash Limit Per Day For Buy*: set the maximum BUY cash amount per BATM.
Cash Limit Per Day For Sell*: set the maximum SELL cash amount per BATM.

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