Fiat Settings

Fiat Settings determine the types of banknotes your BATM terminals will accept. 

At least ONE setting is required to add a BATM as a “Terminal”.

Your user account requires Administrative privileges to “ADD” a new setting.

Fiat Settings

  • The dashboard shows all currently configured Fiat Settings.

Fiat Setting

Name*: describe the setting, i.e. “All USD Banknotes”.

Organization* (admin only): the company or other organization that this setting belongs to.

Fiat Currency*: the currency being managed by this setting. Upon selecting the currency, options will be made available to select which bank notes are accepted under this setting.

Accept All Banknotes” is the default and is used in most deployments.

Maximum number of accepted banknotes per transaction permits you to restrict the number of banknotes inserted, further reducing the service intervals required. Default: no limit.

Accept Specific Banknotes enables the selection panel and permits finer granularity.

  • Since your BATM cash stacker can only hold 600 bills (or more depending on model), it makes sense at certain locations to prevent smaller bills from taking up valuable space. Accepting only specific banknotes grants you the power to eliminate a cashbox full of small banknotes.

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