Connect your BATM to CAS

The BATM acts more-or-less as a remote control. It connects to a Crypto Application Server (CAS) which performs most of the duties involved in any transaction. You can’t do anything with the BATM unless it is connected to CAS. Your connection may be the most important aspect of your setup.

After initially turning on your BATM, you’ll be presented with this generic error:

This catch-all error simply means that it can’t reach CAS. If you haven’t yet connected the BATM to the Internet, that would explain why. So, we need to connect to the Internet to resolve this issue.

The error message should disappear once a connection has been established.

We recommend Ethernet where possible.

  • If you use Ethernet you won’t see this error, or have to configure WiFi.

  • Skip to Step 2 if you have already connected using Ethernet.

  • Ethernet troubleshooting (if necessary): Connect your BATM using Ethernet

1. Set your Server IP.

2. Connect the BATM to the Internet.

3. Match the Pairing Code.

That’s it!

After pairing the BATM/Terminal, create a restore point to save the working state.

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