OOO: Server is not Reachable


The message “Server is not Reachable” is displayed on your BATM.

  • Other BATMs in your network do not display this message.

The underlying cause of this type problem may arise in one of these five areas:

This article describes possible solutions at the BATM side of this graphic.

Obviously, we cannot control the Internet or your routing - but you may want to check CAS if you run your own server and ALL your BATMs are offline:

We recommend Ethernet in areas that have weak or unstable Internet access.

Some WiFi routers just aren’t up to the task. A strong WiFi signal doesn’t mean a stable connection. A microwave oven or various electronics may generate spurious signals that disrupt the connection - and cause this error. Ethernet overcomes this weakness.

If Ethernet is not an option in your case, consider improving the WiFi connection:


Ensure that you are connected to a local router.

  1. Configure Wi-Fi, or better yet: connect using Ethernet.

  2. Confirm that an IP is assigned in your Administration screen.

Confirm that your router can access the Internet.

  1. Connect your phone or a laptop computer to the router & test access.

  2. Ethernet: ensure your router is NOT set to rate auto-negotiation.

Disable unused Wi-Fi connections.

Finally, check that the Server IP is properly set.

The server will definitely be unreachable if the BATM is “dialing” the wrong IP, or is unpaired with CAS.

  • The Server IP is set to a GB default.

  • The Server IP may reset to the default after certain BATM procedures.

  • Instructions to set your Server IP: Set the BATM Server IP

  • Make sure the BATM is paired with your CAS: Error: TLS error

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