Terminal Pairing

Effective with version 20230801 (and newer).

This article assumes:

  1. the Terminal has been added to CAS and is displayed in “Terminals”, and

  2. the Terminal VPN credentials have been generated for this BATM from the CLI, and

  3. in Terminal details, “Terminal Active” is enabled, and “IP Whitelist Enabled” is disabled.

CAS will display a new “PAIRING REQUEST” in Terminals after the BATM connects:

Clicking on the tab shows you the Terminal details:


Compare the Certificate fingerprint to the “pairing code” displayed on the BATM:

If the codes match and the pairing is expected, approve the pairing:

  • Your User must have 2FA implemented to approve the pairing.

    • If you haven’t already activated 2FA, then activate 2FA before pairing, and

    • refresh the page and re-enter the pairing screen.

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