Change the BATM Admin QR Code

Changing the Admin QR Code is an important step in strengthening your BATM's security.

  • Your BATM will only recognize ONE Admin Key.

Admin QR code not working?

The BATM will only recognize the most recent admin key downloaded from CAS.

  • First try using the factory default QR code.

  • The key can only be changed while successfully connected to CAS.

Worst case scenario: reset the admin key code to the factory default:

1. First, generate a new QR code.

2. In CAS, navigate to each Terminal: Settings

  • Paste the password/key/string from the step 1.

  • Repeat for each & every Terminal in CAS (or use the BATCH ACTIONS).

3. Save the settings:

  • The BATM will now download the key, and it should be effective within minutes.

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