Configuring Your BATM to SELL

A SELL transaction (in our parlance) is the sale of cryptocurrency to YOU (from your customer).

This article is not intended to be comprehensive, but more of an outline of the process.

1. You must have the means to dispense banknotes.

You must have 2-way (bidirectional) capability in your BATM. That means either a “Recycler” (which recycles inserted banknotes) or a Dispenser must be installed in your BATM.

The following models currently support SELL (by default):

  1. If you have a Recycler, set it up using this article:

  2. If you have a Dispenser, use this article:

2. Add SELL parameters to your Crypto Settings.

Navigate to your Crypto Settings dashboard, and modify the SELL tab contents of your preferred Crypto Setting. Use the same Crypto Setting for both BUY and SELL transactions.


Detailed information:

  • Ensure that you’ve selected a suitable SELL strategy in the relevant Crypto Setting.

  • SELL is disabled by default!

3. Ensure the Terminal is using that Crypto Setting.

Double-check that your Terminal is set to use the Crypto Setting from Step 2.

Detailed Terminal settings:

  • If you use a Terminal Template, ensure that’s set properly (instead).

That’s it. SELL should now be available at your BATM!

The SELL flow:

  1. The customer registers (or begins the SELL transaction).

  2. The customer sets the amount they want to sell.

  3. A REDEEM ticket is printed, emailed, or sent via SMS.

  4. The customer sends the required coin to your wallet while the SELL offer is valid.

  5. After confirmation of receipt of the coin, the REDEEM ticket becomes valid.

  6. Using the REDEEM ticket, the customer may withdraw fiat from the BATM.

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