Access ADVANCED Administration

The ADVANCED Administration screen permits access to restricted settings. You must have physical access to the BATM stacker/cashbox to change these settings.

MORE: View instructions to access the basic ADMINISTRATION settings: Basic ADMINISTRATION

  1. The BATM should be powered on & idle.

  2. Pull the cashbox from BATM.

  • Terminal should display the warning:  “Error: Stacker Out”.

3. Press the Exclamation/Alert symbol.

  • The symbol should disappear once pressed.

4. Scan the Administration Key (QR Code) at the QR camera window.

  • This is the ADVANCED ADMINISTRATION screen for a BATM3:

If you’ve pressed the symbol (and it disappears) but the Admin QR code is ignored, please see this article: Symptom: QR codes ignored at BATM

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