Initial Setup

WARNING: the alarm siren is very loud!

  • Please carefully follow instructions to avoid hearing damage.

The Alarm requires a dedicated GSM nano-SIM.

  • The SIM must include native support for SMS messaging.

  • The SIM must be “loaded” (funded) - to send & receive SMS messages.

GSM ONLY! CDMA or LTE-only SIMs will NOT work with this Alarm.

  • Verizon & Sprint are 2 common CDMA carriers in North America.

The GSM SIM must NOT require pairing for use. In the US, it is common for mobile providers to “pair” the IMEI of your device with their SIM. This is not possible with those SIM’s, as the alarm is incapable of the required outbound pairing phone call.

In the US, TracFone and T-Mobile can provide compatible GSM SIMs.

To proceed, insert your dedicated SIM card into a compatible phone and remove any PIN protection on the SIM card. Use the supplied SIM card adapters (if needed) for your phone. This step will vary for different phones and their OS. Once any SIM PIN has been disabled, test sending and receiving SMS messages.













GPS activity


GSM activity


Safety pin


Start Button


RESET, standby-mode

Note: “RESET, standby-mode” button is deep inside the box, you will need a long thin tool (i.e. a toothpick) to press it.

1. Prepare your SIM.

Remove any locks or security PINs.

2. Remove the 4 screws (as shown).

3. Gently pry the lid open slightly.

  • Use your nail, or a thin flat screwdriver (as needed) to wedge an NFC card (or credit card) in the seam. Note: this example card is used as a tool, but you can use any card that’s handy.

  • Slip the card around the alarm box lips to pop it open.

  • Displayed card not included!

4. Remove the lid.

Lift up on the lid gently, while pressing down on the siren (to keep it in place).

  • Take care while removing the lid.

  • Excessive force can break the SIM cover and/or internal components.

5. Insert the SIM.

Use the window on the side to insert (or remove) the SIM.

  • Note SIM orientation.

  • The connector for the SIM card is PUSH/PUSH type.

    • Push the card inside the slot until you hear it “click” and the SIM will then be locked and engaged.

  • To remove the SIM, press it in gently.

    • Release it when you hear it “click”.

    • The SIM card should then slide out from the slot.

6. Connect the battery.

  • Wrong plug = smoke & damage. Pay attention!

  • The small LED on the PCB next to the connector will flash once (quickly).

  • Route the cables (as shown) to avoid the sensors. 

  • Caution: Improperly routed cables could change the sensitivity of the sensors.

7. Test your Alarm.

a) Add your recipients, including your own phone number.

b) Prepare the SMS to send the “disarm” SMS command to the alarm.

c) Pull out the safety pin.

d) Drop your alarm from approximately an inch (5 cm) height.

e) After you receive the alarm SMS, send the prepared disarm command (from step b).

f) Reinstall the safety pin.


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