Identify Your BATM Firmware Version

Your BATM operates on an Android platform, and regular updates are provided to keep your BATM up to date. Occasions may arise that you need to determine your BATM software version. This may be quickly accomplished in two different ways.

Software version shown on the BATM ADMINISTRATION screen:

The version reported by the BATM is always correct, and is the preferred choice when you have reason to believe that you’re using a different version. The BATM doesn’t lie!

Software version shown on CAS:

  • CAS may not report the actual firmware installed, do not rely on this report when troubleshooting.

  • Use this only to confirm that an upgrade has installed, or as a general reference.

  • The BATM administration screen will always be accurate, when accuracy is critical.

Please follow these directions to update your Terminal firmware:

How to Update Your BATM Firmware

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