BATMTwo Quick Start


You've received your new BATMTwo. 

  • Now what?

Report any obvious damage immediately to the carrier AND General Bytes.

  • Any damaged packaging should also be reported (hidden damage?).

1. Unpack the BATMTwo

Carefully remove the terminal from the cardboard box and plastic wrap.

  • It's HEAVY! The BATMTwo is about 25kg (50 pounds).

Find the hardware keys. You can't get very much further without them.

  • Take a picture of the keys, or note the serial numbers on them, in the event of loss.

  • There should be two sets of keys, located in a small cardboard box at the bottom rear of the unit (next to the power plug).

Unlock the machine and inspect inside.

  • Open the unit and inspect for damage. 

  • Don't unplug anything!

  • Nothing should be unplugged, except one end of the WIFI antenna.

  • Ensure that all cables are connected. 

  • Locate the power cord, mounting tools, and guides. 

  • Photograph any suspected damage.

Remove the shipping tape from the stacker/cash box

  • Save the attached cam levers for future use.

  • Stacker/cashbox security locks are sold separately.

Ensure the BATMTwo is properly powered:

  • The power plug should be firmly seated in the bottom rear outside the unit.

  • If using a UPS, please ensure it's turned on and rated to handle at least 200VA. 

  • An external power switch is located next to the external power plug. Make sure the switch is on.


Find the power switch on the mainboard inside and ensure that it is “ON”:

If the unit looks OK inside & out, plug it into a properly grounded outlet.

Notify General Bytes via email that you've received your machine.

  • You cannot proceed to the next step without the key information that follows in a reply.

  • Request a GB Operator account if you don’t already have one.

  • If anything looks wrong or missing,

    • describe it with as much detail as possible, and

    • send a picture with that email.

  • Assuming the unit is completely undamaged, wall-mount the BATMTwo using the included mounting template, or seal the mounting holes.

  • If using a BATM stand, assemble it & attach now.


NEXT: you'll receive in an email reply from General Bytes, your:

  • current installation manuals,

  • a factory default Admin QR Key code.

2. Next: Setup your BATMTwo in CAS.

The BATM should be setup & ready in CAS before you attempt to connect the BATM to it.

3. Lastly: Connect your BATM to CAS.

Make sure you’ve completed the previous step before connecting the BATM to a network.


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