BATMThree Quick Start


You’ve received your new BATMThree and you’re eager to get started.

So, let’s get started!

1. Handling arrangements:

The BATMThree weighs a MINIMUM 105kg (231 lbs) before packaging!

The BATMThree will be shipped differently depending on your location. The BATM itself is heavy - about 105kg (231 lbs). This may require 2 or 3 people to unload it depending upon it’s area of deployment! The BATM may be crated, or wrapped in cardboard & plastic wrap.

Please plan accordingly, and recruit a few extra hands to assist in the uncrating process.

European Shipping:

The BATM will arrive standing up on a pallet, wrapped in cardboard & shrink-wrap.

Check the tilt sensors upon receipt to ensure that the machine hasn’t been tossed about.

Note any shipping damage or tilt variations on the shipping receipt.

Overseas Shipping:

The BATM will arrive in a crate about the size & shape of a coffin on a special custom pallet.

Check the tilt sensors upon receipt to ensure that the machine hasn’t been tossed about.

Note any shipping damage or tilt variations on the shipping receipt.

Typical total weight: 187kg (412 lbs)

2. Uncrating (Overseas shipping only)



  • T-20 Torx screw bit (and associated tools).

  • 2 people (minimum).

Remove the screws & top lid.

  • Use a prybar to lift off the top.

  • Take care not to injure your digits!

Remove the side screws & base panel.

  • Removing the wood panel on the base side eases removal of the BATM.

Carefully remove the waterproofing plastic wrap, keeping the sharp edge of the blade pointing AWAY from the BATM.

  • Don’t cut yourself!

Stand it up.

  • Use 2 people (minimum).

  • Don’t wear sandals.

  • Slide it forward a little.

  • Maintain control - don’t let it drop!

  • Gently lift it upright.

  • Move to the deployment area.


3. Remove any remaining protective covering(s).

4. Locate the Serial Number.

5. Register with General Bytes.

Notify the Sales Department that you’ve received the BATMThree, and advise them of any shipping damage or tiltage. You’ll also need to let them know how you want to connect your BATM to CAS. If you don’t have a GB Operator account yet, you’ll also need that setup as well. Since these things aren’t instantaneous, doing it now will expedite the final process of setting up your BATM.

Notify the Sales Department of receipt.

  1. Note any shipping damage or tiltage. Include pictures!

  2. Include your serial number.

  3. Request a GB Operator account (if you don’t already have one).

  4. Request:

    1. a License Key, and

    2. API Key

6. Locate the key:

7. Open the storage panel.

Use the black key to open the storage area panel.

8. Remove your box of accessories.

Inside, find these items:


  1. exterior labels,

  2. roll of printer paper 1,

  3. NFC card weight 2,

  4. power cord,

  5. selfie cam cover (required in certain regions),

  6. the remaining keys, and an extra set 3,

  7. dispenser tray assembly,

  8. tools required for assembly, MEI Acceptor guide, deployment labels,

  9. 50 each NFC cards,

  10. BATM Operating Manual (not pictured).

9. Assemble & install any accessories.

  1. Remove the tape & cam levers (spares - unused) on the cashbox.

  2. For dispenser tray assembly & installation, see: Configure your Dispenser

  3. Install the NFC cards into the dispenser.

    1. Place the weight on top of the stack.

  4. Install the roll of paper onto the spindle.

    1. The printer paper is single-sided, and must be installed to feed counter-clockwise.

    2. Do not lose the yellow plastic spindle cap - it is required for proper printer operation!

    3. Attach the spindle cap to the end of the spindle after the paper is seated.

10. Plug it in, turn it on.


11. Next: Setup your BATMThree in CAS.

The BATM should be setup & ready in CAS before you attempt to connect the BATM to it.

12. Lastly: Connect your BATM to CAS.

Make sure you’ve completed the previous step before connecting the BATM to a network.

That’s it - for the BATMThree setup.


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