CAS GUI Startup

Proceed only if you have installed CAS on your server.

Please see: Installation - Step1: CLI mode for those instructions.

Login to your CAS Server VPN

This process will vary by client OS. There’s no “one way” to do it, but connecting to the CAS VPN must succeed to proceed. The VPN protects your server from malicious attack (and loss of funds).

OpenVPN Community Guide:

GB VPN Configuration Guide:

You'll receive a security warning when you navigate to the CAS web page for the very first time. This is normal and expected. Read here for more information.

IMPORTANT: Update and use the latest browser version to keep the server access secured!

Open your favorite browser and key in the IP address of your admin VPN suffixed by ":7777"...

  • CAS will take a minute to load, as the database is initialized & defaults created. Hang tight!

You’ll find yourself at the FastTrack Installation screen.

Fill in the requested info. Required items are marked with a red asterisk “*”.

Afterwards, you’ll be brought to the login screen:

Login using the login credentials that you created in FastTrack Installation.

Add 2FA verification!

Turn on 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)! Again, your money is counting on you to protect it – so avail yourself of every opportunity to use any tools provided to accomplish that.

  • Two factor authentication is a system that forces you to prove your identity twice. Once with the password (that you changed in the previous step – right?), and a second time with a different method.

  • The method used by CAS is a RFC 6238 compliant implementation of Google Authenticator. This free app is available on the Google Play store. It provides you with a time-based rolling code to enter (in addition to your password) when you login to CAS.

Now that you've successfully logged into CAS....

You will need to configure CAS settings to do sales & purchases. This section covers the most very basic setup you'll need to perform to get functional fast.

Defaults have already been created.

CAS is based on a MySQL database. Certain defaults are created during installation, but there are some entries that require your input to proceed. These entries need only be created once in most instances. Whether you have one, or a hundred terminals, you must configure these items. It would be wise to spend some time here and configure them properly the first time.

Don't delay!

The CAS has an automatic timeout. You will be logged out and lose any unsaved changes if you leave the CAS unattended. Make sure you are prepared to enter the required information  before changing a setting.

Get your information ready:

  • Are you in the US, UK, or EU? Have you formed an AML/KYC plan?

  • Watch the General Bytes CAS Installation & Setup videos on YouTube.

Your GB API key:

The API key is required to operate your software. It enables communication with our systems & tracks the sales numbers used to calculate your monthly invoices.

  • No private information is collected.

  • No customer information is collected.

First things first!

These items are automatically created, but you should customize the following items to accurately describe your Operation:

Organization: enter your business details, time zone & global settings.

Person: customize your administrative account details.

Customize your default Terminal

After the previous items are completed, you are ready to deploy your first terminal.

  • You may install up to the licensed number of Terminals using only ONE SERVER.

Detailed descriptions of terminal settings can be found here.


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