Connect your BATM using WiFi

When installing a new BATM, the first step is to setup an Internet connection. This article guides you through connecting to Wi-Fi on your BATM.

A single BATM may consume at much as 2GB of data per month.

Read this article to implement Ethernet instead:

1. Turn the BATM on:

  • Plug the power supply connector into an appropriate outlet.

  • Turn the power switch  on (located next to the power plug):


  • Turn the mainboard on (if off):


2. The BATM will boot up after a couple of minutes, and display this message :

3. Tap on the red triangle (it will disappear).

4. Scan the default Administrator QR code key you received via email (after receipt).

  • The QR code reader (camera) is built into the BATM:

5. Choose the option "WIFI SETUP":

6. Connect the BATM to your preferred Wi-Fi Network.

Open networks present a security risk and are strongly discouraged.

  • The BATM will NOT automatically connect to open networks.

Disable the IP Whitelist temporarily:

After you have successfully connected to WiFi on the BATM, you may need to enable/unblock the new IP in the appropriate CAS: Terminal by temporarily disabling the IP Whitelist:

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