Create a QR Code

QR Codes are used everywhere these days. They’re easy to generate, and this article explains how to create one for use with GENERAL BYTES BATMs.

QR codes may need to be generated in these articles:

1. First, generate a strong password.

We do not recommend online password generators. While improbable, a hacked website could save the generated passwords (or intercept them via your browser). Use an offline generator whenever possible.

To generate a password offline:

  1. Type this at the CAS server console command line:

openssl rand -base64 32
  • OpenSSL is typically available on any Debian/Ubuntu system.

  • Copy + paste the resulting 32-byte Base64 random code.

Another option is APG, which is already installed on most Ubuntu distributions (but not droplets).

apg -m32
  • Generates 5x 32-byte passwords (pick one).

2. Convert this new, secure password to a QR code.

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