View the ADMINISTRATION screen

The basic ADMINISTRATION screen is used to setup trivial BATM configuration and to examine your BATM settings. This screen does not require the cashbox door key for access (thus: "non-secure"). These settings cannot be accessed without the Admin QR key code.

Instructions for the ADVANCED administration screen: ADVANCED Administration

Some of these options may be missing depending on your BATM model.

To get to the ADMINISTRATION screen:


  1. Apply power / turn on your BATM.

    1. The GB logo will display for about a minute.

  2. The "Server is not reachable" error will briefly appear:

  3. Press the Exclamation/Alert symbol.

    1. The symbol should disappear once pressed.

  4. Hold your Admin QR Key up to the scanner.

If your BATM is already setup, merely attempt a BUY with the Admin QR Key. The BATM will recognize the code and enter the Administration area.

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