Update CAS

The Crypto Application Server (CAS) should be updated regularly. Updating CAS requires it to be shut down, so choose an appropriate time. 

The current server version can be found here:



Update your Ubuntu installation regularly!

Like CAS, Ubuntu is updated frequently. Keep your server's software up to date to stay head of the curve and maintain your server’s security.

CAS will expect your server to work properly & use current software, so begin by updating your Ubuntu server:

sudo apt update && sudo apt -y dist-upgrade

When logging in via SSH, Ubuntu may notify you that a restart is required:

  • This is the perfect to time to comply. Restart your system:

sudo reboot now

Your SSH connection will be terminated for about a couple minutes while the server reboots. Be patient, then reconnect to your server. The message should now be gone.

WISDOM: Please avoid installing CAS updates when Support is unavailable.

  • If Support is necessary, the best results come on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

To update CAS, follow these simple steps:

1. Note the "Latest version" from the website:


2. Shut down CAS:

If a service won’t shut down at this point (for any reason), wait a few minutes & reboot your server.

3. Update CAS:

  • Enter “Y” to confirm your agreement to the current licensing and terms (when asked).

4. Restart CAS:

Assuming everything updated as planned, start CAS again.

That's it - you should be done!

Login to CAS to verify that it's working and reporting the proper version.

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