Terminals Dashboard

An overview of the Terminals currently installed & used by your Organization.


Administrative privileges required to see (or use) this function.


Add a new terminal to your CAS network.

A “Fiat Setting”, a “Crypto Setting”, “AML/KYC Setting”, and a “Location” must exist before attempting to add a Terminal. You won’t be able to save the settings without those items.

  1. Type in the new terminal's serial number exactly as displayed (i.e. “BT901001”).

  2. Click “CREATE”. The CAS will take a moment to create an entry in the CAS database.


Display all transactions for all BATM's listed.


Display aggregated information about your trades.


Enable & assign tags to Terminals to quickly sort & inspect them.


Activate (or deactivate) groups of Terminals as needed.

Change Admin/Diagnostics keys en masse.

Terminals are sorted by Serial Number with the following summaries and totals:

  • Status: a color-coded icon reflecting the state of the terminal

  • Online - all is normal.

  • Inactive - the Terminal is deactivated in CAS.

  • Offline - the BATM is off, offline, or unpaired.

  • Unpaired - the Terminal is setup; ready to connect the BATM.


  • Serial Number: the number of the BATM as seen by the software

    • Note: hovering over the serial number will briefly display the current BATM software version

    • The “T” icon is a shortcut for quickly drilling down into the Terminal’s transactions

  • Balance: a transaction is in progress, and this is the amount of fiat involved.

  • Buy In: the amount of fiat submitted to the BATM

  • Buy Out: the amount of crypto sent out by the BATM

  • Sell In: the amount of crypto received (two-way BATMs only).

  • Sell Out: the amount of fiat dispensed (two-way BATMs only).

  • Cashbox Repletion: the percentage of the cashbox filled.

  • Days To Full Cashbox: an estimate of the time left to a full cashbox.

  • Location: a user-defined description of the BATM assigned spot (see CAS:Locations).

  • Ping Duration: a “heartbeat” that basically shows whether the BATM is alive (or accessible). A ping delay up to 4 seconds (4000ms) is not abnormal, and just shows the current network state.

  • Connected At: the time and date the terminal was brought live.

  • Actions: remote control of the BATM.

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