Printer Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing a printer issue, try these troubleshooting steps:

Check your paper orientation.

  • This is a common problem and extremely simple to solve.

  • Thermal paper should be unrolled overhead from the top, as so:


Update your software:

Try a BATM printer test from the ADVANCED Administration screen:

  • If the printer test fails, then you need to check the printer itself. 

  • We have 2 types of printers deployed. Note the model (EP800 -or- EP802).

  • EP802 is the current model.

If the printer test passes, then please check your Custom Strings in Terminal Settings.

  • Corrupt or malformed Custom Strings can cause the affected tickets to fail.

  • Try using simple strings (e.g. “Printer test”) for the affected ticket type temporarily.


Perform a "self-test":

  1. Turn off the printer with its power switch.

  2. Hold down the "FEED" button.

  3. Turn the printer's power switch back on.

"Paper Low" false errors:

1. Check that the Spindle Cap is attached & tight:

  • A loose or missing spindle cap can trigger intermittent & random “Paper Low” errors.

3D printing instructions for the Spidle Cap are provided below (bottom of this article).

2. Check that the sensor cable has not been pulled out:

"Paper Out" false errors:

Check the printer paper sensor:

  • The internal paper sensor may become detached if abused. Check that this sensor is present & moves up/down freely:

If using Ethernet, make sure your network cable is routed carefully:

  • If improperly routed, a network (or other) cable may press against the paper roll (especially new rolls) when the door is closed. This is a can be a maddening issue - mind your clearance!

Firmware issue affecting EP802 printers shipped before 2023:


  1. Try a self-test:

  2. Check the printer's DIP switches are set properly:



  3. Disconnect the printer from the BATM, and try another self-test.

If the problems persist, open a support ticket. Be sure to attach:

  • a short video demonstrating the problem.

  • a picture of your BATM3 Administration page:


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