These settings are system-wide and can affect your regional legal compliance. Double-check them.


Organization details

These are the basics of the Organization.

IMPORTANT: enter a valid Email to receive timely notifications.


This is required to operate CAS. See:

  • Test the key after entry to ascertain that it has been entered correctly.

  • The GB API Key is used to permit your access to optional GB services.

SMS Provider

An SMS API is required to send SMS messages to your customers. You must choose the method you prefer to use (Twilio or Nexmo).

  • Enter & test your API credentials for your Twilio or Nexmo account.

    • the messaging_service_sid and shorten_urls parameters are optional.

    • Set shorten_urls to 'true' to enable URL shortening in messages.

More information (external links):

Voice Call Provider

If you elect to offer Voice Calls (in addition to SMS OTP messages), setup the Twilio account settings here.

  • Typically, the same first 3 parameters from your Twilio SMS settings are used here.

  • The “TEST” button will confirm that your settings are entered correctly.

  • Currently, only Twilio is supported for this functionality.

Transaction Limit Calculations

Daily Limit Calculation:

  • Floating 24-hour frame: (default) The daily limit is calculated for a continuously sliding 24-hour period.

  • Reset at midnight: Daily limit is calculated for a calendar day, starting at midnight.

Anonymous Limits Calculation:

  • Limits related to a time period are calculated per machine: (default) Allows calculating remaining anonymous customer limits per individual terminal.

  • Limits related to a time period are not calculated: Allows calculating daily payment card limit of an anonymous customer; remaining anonymous customer limits cannot be calculated.

Monthly Limit Calculation:

  • Floating calendar month: (default) A month is considered to be the period from the same day of the previous month to the current day of the current month.

  • Floating 30-day frame: A month is considered for a continuously sliding 30-day period.

Combined Limits Calculation

Determine how to calculate AML transaction limits:

  • Separate limits: transaction limits are calculated separately for BUY and SELL.

  • Combined limits: transaction limits calculations are combined for BUY and SELL.

Phone Lookup Provider

The selected provider can provide information attached to North American phone numbers.

The information retrieved from the PLP is ultimately provided by the carriers, and may not always be 100% accurate!

  • The carrier collects the info from the customer,

  • the carrier shares that info to the provider,

  • the provider supplies it to you.

Customize the Line Type Blocking:

Identity Verification Provider

This is a 2-step process. After selecting your verification preference, enable it in your AML/KYC settings.

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

Automatically Anonymize All Personal Data Of Identities Not Used For 10 Years

Document ID Validity

Automatically changes “Registered” Identities to “Not Registered” when their ID expires.

Transaction Scoring Provider

Scoring evaluates wallets and determines their likelihood to be fraudulent or criminal targets.

  • Chainalysis requires information from your customers to offer a score for any transaction.

  • CipherTrace does not require that information (stronger privacy).

Notification Policy

Two factor authentication (2FA)

Force 2FA: forces every user (in this Organization) to use 2FA during login.

Atlassian Integration

These settings enable you to create your own help-desk using Jira.

Additional Properties

  • Set your default Organization-wide Time Zone.

  • Set the Default Currency used in reporting.

  • OPTIONAL: disable the Terminal error “OPENING HOURS SET, BUT NOT ACTIVATED”.

Block Explorer Properties

Override the block explorer URL as desired.

CipherTrace Traveler Credentials

CipherTrace Traveler helps Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) comply with global “Travel Rule” regulations by sharing cryptocurrency transaction information with other vetted VASPs.

When CipherTrace Traveler integration is enabled in CAS, CAS sends information about the outgoing (BUY) transaction - before sending the coin to your customer’s wallet!

  • Operators must obtain their own API Endpoint, Client ID and Client Secret from CipherTrace.

  • Transaction Originator Organization Name is Operators’s name as it will be sent to CipherTrace with every transaction information.

Failed Transaction Resend Configuration

Adjust the transaction resend window. This affects the Terminal Action described here.

Italian Quarterly Results

Banknote Labels

Banknote labels are used to differentiate the cash available for provisional crediting (by such servicing agents as Bankline). Create labels and assign them a specific “provisioned” label as needed/recommended by Bankline. Assign the label in the associated Terminals, and their Banknote histories.



Watchlist Scan Configuration

Choose which watchlists you wish to implement in your Organization, and set an auto-scan period (if so desired). Automatic scanning will deauthorize Identities that fail.


Save any changes:


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