Various regions impose different legal requirements upon crypto providers. As a provider, you should be aware of your regional legal obligations, and comparing your customer list (Identities) against a government-provided watchlist may be part of it.

CAS enables you to compare the known details about your customers against various watchlists.

This can be done manually or automatically (once or periodically).

More information about sanction lists:

During AML/KYC registration, every Identity will automatically be sought on the enabled watchlists. By default, no watchlists are enabled.

Enable each as required by the laws in your area.

The possible watchlists include:

  • EU - Financial Sanctions

  • Czech - Sanction List

  • OFAC - Specially Designated Nationals List

  • Canadian Autonomous Sanctions List

Manual Scanning:

If automated scanning is disabled, then locate the Identity in the Identities section.

Automatic Scanning:

Automatic watchlist scanning can be performed prior to every transaction -or- periodically:

  1. Enable the appropriate/relevant watchlists.

  2. Check the “Enable Periodic Scan” option.

  3. Configure the Scan Period in Days

Watchlist Notification Policies

Notifications can keep you informed of customers “on the list”.

Watchlist Scan Ban

  • The Identity receives the message “We are sorry, but you need to register.”

  • You’ll receive a notification that the Identity is banned.

Watchlist Identity Found

  • Sends a notification when there is an Identity match on the watchlist.


Watchlist Logging

When a scan (of any type) is performed, it will be noted on the Identity page.

  • Both the first name and the last name matches (the score is 100), then it is labeled: Full Match.

  • Either the first name or last name matches (the score is 50), then it is labeled: Partial Match.

  • No match = OK.

Excluding an Identity

Not every watchlist hit is legitimate. In some cases, an identical name can trigger a watchlist result. How you eliminate such individuals as the person identified on the watchlist - is up to you. If you’re absolutely certain that the watchlist is wrong, then you may eliminate them from future “hits”.

  1. Locate the “Party Id” from a previous Watchlist Scan.

  2. Add the Party Id to Excluded Watchlist Party Ids.


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