How do I get an API key for CAS?

A GB API Key is required to operate CAS.

A GB Operator account is required to receive a GB API Key.

  • Click “Organization”,

  • Scroll down to GB API Key, and

  • Your API Key will be listed, copy it to your clipboard.

  • If your key has been compromised, “REGENERATE” another, new key.

    • Both keys (Partner and your CAS) must match.

Paste the API Key to your Standalone CAS.

Navigate to your Organization settings on your own CAS.

  • Paste the key.

  • Save (“SUBMIT”) the new setting.

Test it.

After saving the API KEY in your CAS Organization settings, scroll back and “TEST” it.

Test FAILED. GB API Key isn’t valid.

Since March 23, 2023 - this is normal. The key is still required and used - but the test will fail.

  • Don’t panic.

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