Transaction Scoring

Transaction scoring is used to protect your customers from scams and prevent them from funding criminal enterprises. Currently optional, the notion of forced implementation is trending in certain regions. High risk wallet addresses (as defined by your provider) are rejected when presented as a target wallet (BUY), and incoming coins (SELL) will not be automatically enabled for cash withdrawal.

What transactions are considered “high risk”?

Transactions using certain wallet addresses are considered “high risk” when CipherTrace scores it a “10”. These types of addresses are known to belong to criminal enterprises. Addresses used for “gambling” are still accepted (score: 9).

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Login to CAS and your Organization settings:

  • Open your Organization's settings.

Save the API key in "Transaction Scoring Provider":

  • Select CipherTrace

  • enter the saved API key in this format: ctv1:username:secret_key

    • ctv1 = always the same (CipherTrace API Version 1)

    • username = your CipherTrace API user name

    • secret_key = the API key provided by CipherTrace

Save your Organization settings!

Save your AML/KYC settings!

Test it.

High Risk addresses will now fail (be rejected) at the BATM:

Understanding the logged entries:

The Event Log will expand upon an explanation to you:

The Transaction Log will report as shown:

  • in this case, “No transactions” means the wallet address is virgin: it has never been used before, and therefor cannot be scored.

  • wallets that have been seen before (on the Blockchain) will be listed and scored.

Notes about SELL transactions:

SELL transactions will initially succeed (coin can be sent to you), but CAS will NOT automatically enable the transaction to release fiat until you decide to mark it safe for withdrawal.

  • Rejected SELL transactions must be manually approved (or returned).



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