Update Your BATM Firmware

Your GB software should be updated regularly.

Updating your systems will temporarily disable them, so choose an appropriate time. Also note that General Bytes' support is not available 24x7 - you may want to schedule it judiciously. Currently, the best days to upgrade are Tuesday - Thursday.

IMPORTANT! Your BATM MUST have a strong Internet connection to successfully download the update package! If your BATM seems to ignore your instructions to upgrade, this is most certainly the problem. Please try connecting your BATM to another - more reliable - Internet source. A cellphone hotspot will usually suffice for this temporary task.

NOTE: Terminal versions prior to 20190130, MUST be upgraded to the intermediate version 20190130 before they will accept current updates!

  • Upgrade to 20190130 first, then upgrade to the current version!

NOTE: the BATM must remain idle for a few minutes before it will begin the update! If you or customers are active on the screen, the upgrade will be postponed until the screensaver has activated for a while and the BATM is considered "idle".

Software upgrades are divided into two types:

CAS (server): the CAS is responsible for all "backend" functions that are common to all the BATM's on your system.

BATM (terminal): BATM software should be kept current to keep up with CAS. Currently, each BATM must be upgraded individually.

The current software versions (all types) can be determined here.

  • Write down the "Latest version" from the website.

  • We'll refer to it as BUILDNUM below.

  • The “point release” (e.g. .3) should not be included in the BUILDNUM.

There are two ways to update your BATM.

  • The first way is the simplest.

  • The second method uses the CAS CLI command line.

Use CAS to upgrade the BATM software (preferred):

  1. Login to CAS.

  2. Locate your terminal amongst the list.

  3. Select "ACTIONS":

  4. Select "Upgrade Terminal".

    1. Your terminal will automatically download the latest published stable version.

    2. Upgrades normally take less than 10 minutes, but may take up to an hour depending upon conditions.

    3. If you desire a different, version, merely key it in:

  5. Verify the upgrade has completed successfully by viewing the Terminal’s Event log.

Using the CLI (Command Line Interface) to upgrade the BATM:

  1. Locate your BATM serial number.

    1. The serial number (eg: BT100010) will be represented as "BATMSN" below.

  2. Login to your server as root or a user with sudo permissions.

  3. Update your BATM using this syntax:

sudo /batm/batm-manage upgrade-terminal BUILDNUM BATMSN

You may also update multiple BATMs with a single command:

sudo /batm/batm-manage upgrade-terminal BUILDNUM BATMSN1 BATMSN2 BATMSN3

That's it - you should be done!

  • Login to CAS to verify that it's working and reporting the proper version.

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