Android Password

Our BATM firmware is based on the Android kernel from Google.

Part of the boot process checks the integrity of the firmware image. If the Android system detects any damage to (or an invalid signature of) the firmware, it will attempt to restore a known-good backup.

The first step of this process has Android requesting the Android password.

Enter anything for the password (e.g. “password”) and you should be offered an option to restore the factory firmware image.

  • Allow it to restore the factory installed firmware image.

Unless you’ve previously created a Restore Point, the BATM will be in a “new” state. No data is stored in the BATM - so no data is lost, however you will need to setup the BATM again as though it were brand new. This includes:

How to prevent this:

This highly intermittent problem will only occur after rebooting your BATM. For this reason, we discourage routine (especially scheduled) reboots. Please don’t reboot unless you need to!

  • Please advise Support if this problem recurs.

  • Create a “Restore Point” to enable the firmware image to be updated at the BATM.

    • See:

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