Hot Wallet: Geth Ethereum

This is a step-by-step guide for adding Geth as a Hot Wallet Buy source.

The following example is based on the presumption that the Geth Ethereum node has been installed, configured, and tested for proper use.

This guide is intended to help you attach a working Geth Ethereum node to a functional CAS.

1. Assemble the required information for CAS:

Parameters are host : port : username : password : cert_fingerprint : wallet_address








IP of the Geth Ethereum node.

  • see notes below.


RPC port of the Geth Ethereum node

  • normally 8545



deprecated - no longer required or used.



deprecated - no longer required or used.



deprecated - no longer required or used.



this is the wallet implemented & unlocked on the node.

  • do not include quotes (unlike the console syntax).


Understanding “host”:

The “host” is where CAS will steer RPC communications: the target server. The server will vary upon your implementation, and the IP will vary depending upon your actual assigned IP for your node/server.

The GB Cloud CAS requires use of the GB Wallet Tunnel.

  • host: is normally localhost when

    • a) using a SSH tunnel, or

    • b) running on the same server as CAS.

    • These options are NOT available when using the GB Cloud CAS.

  • when using the GB Wallet Tunnel, the host is the target Geth Ethereum node,

    • e.g. “

    • The GB Wallet Tunnel will attempt to connect to your Geth Ethereum node at that IP.

    • This option is required when using the GB Cloud CAS.

In this example, using the above, our "Parameters" looks like this (all one line):

1 localhost:8545::::0x18f54a37626138b78c0ce05ca90e02cd45332cab
  • no spaces or special characters permitted (the tests will fail).

2. Select Geth & enter the Parameters:

  • copy & paste to avoid typing errors.

3. (optional) enable the GB Wallet Tunnel:

  • Enter the Wallet Tunnel Password provided during tunnel installation.

  • More information: Install the GB Wallet Tunnel Server

  • Do not enable the Tunnel if the GB Wallet Tunnel isn’t implemented!

4. Save the Crypto Setting!

5. Finally, test it out :

Select Test Hot Wallet Buy from the RUN BTC SETTINGS TEST.

Presuming everything was entered correctly, you should receive confirmation of success!

You're done!