This release is only distributed via Debian Package Repository.


Release 20231101 contains usability and security improvements, support for new hardware, as well as support for Java 17 which is now required for this and future releases.

  • Java 17 is available on Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 22.04.

For best results, install the latest Java runtime prior to upgrade.

sudo apt update && sudo apt install openjdk-17-jre-headless
  • Older CAS versions may not work with JAVA17, do not upgrade JAVA until ready to upgrade CAS.

Before upgrading to this version we also recommend that you read the new article:


New KB articles



Complete list of changes

New Features

  • Server: Java 17 is required for this and future versions.

  • Server: Added a new page showing CAS user login history

  • Server: Added the possibility to create terminal templates from existing terminal configuration.

  • Terminal: Added support for JCM iPro recycler for stack in only mode.


  • Server: Terminal context menu is rearranged.

  • Server: Added overrideTransactionPreparation method on ITransactionListener giving
    more flexibility to operator's developers to override limits and more.

  • Server: Added ability to set Transaction Unlock Time in Output Queues.
    Enables operators in extension to dynamically override delay of the transaction in

  • Server: Added New Notification "Cash collection created"

  • Server: Added filter to the terminal events page, allowing exports to CSV to also adhere to the filter

  • Server: Added option to disable "OPENING HOURS SET, BUT NOT ACTIVATED" warning

  • Server: Introduced new permission IDENTITY_TRANSACTIONS_ALL_READ to give the ability to read
    all transactions.

  • Server: Phone line type is now included in the transaction with identity info in CSV export

  • Server: Added option to choose the timezone in Cashbox analytics

  • Server: Added IIdentityListener improvements including new methods onIdentityCreated
    and onIdentityStateChanged

  • Server: LND payments contain remote transaction in custom records.

  • Server: Gate service error handling improvements.

  • Server: Upgraded React to version 18.

  • Server: Extensions API now uses Gradle 8.3

  • Server: MySQL connector version upgraded to 8.0.33

  • Server: Spring boot upgraded to 2.7.15

  • Server/Terminal: Added custom string for "Maximum available cash in terminal has been reached"

  • Server/Terminal: OTPs sent to customers via SMS by terminal now have 15 minute expirations

  • Server/Terminal: Lockout Identity(customer) after incorrect OTP on 10 consecutive failed attempts.

  • Server/Terminal: Show Panama flag on terminal screen for language = es when terminal location
    assigned to country Panama

  • Terminal: Fixed the “i_agree_countdown” string formatting argument in Greek language.

  • Terminal: Video recording of cash collection was prolonged.

  • Terminal: Updated Polish translations.

Bug Fixes:

  • Terminal: Fixed Typo in Vpn word.

  • Terminal: Fixed Scan Fingerprint screen layout and video help loop

  • Server: Username field on CAS login page now automatically has focus.

  • Server: Terminal didn’t download the new configuration when Skin, Palette or Custom String
    was changed on server.

  • Server: Extension calls IExtensionContext.buyCrypto and IExtensionContext.sellCrypto didn’t check
    identity’s phonenumber against phone number blacklist.

  • Server: Extension call IExtensionContext.sellCrypto didn’t prevent rejected identities from making
    a transaction

  • Server: Identity listener in extension was receiving wrong “stateTo” when invoked from admin UI.

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