Output Queues

Output Queues enable you to send pending transactions in batches, with the intention of reducing Operator mining fees.


Add a new Output Queue.






Crypto Currency

The coin in the queue.

Crypto Settings

The Crypto Setting that triggered the queue.


The Organization that owns the Queue.

Transactions Waiting for Approval

The number of transaction queued - but waiting for approval.

  • indicates the transactions require manual approval.

Number of Transactions Currently Queued

The total number of transactions queued.

  • indicates that automatic submission is not possible for X transactions in this queue.

Total Amount

The total amount of coin queued.

View the specified Output Queue.

Submit all unlocked queued transactions immediately.

Delete the specified Output Queue.



The transaction Remote ID (RiD). Click to see the related transaction.


The BATM at which the transaction was created. Click to see the Terminal details.

Crypto Settings

The related Crypto Setting. Click to see the setting.


The date+time the transaction was added to the queue.

Delayed Until

The date+time the transaction will be automatically submitted.

Locked Until

The date+time the transaction will be unlocked for queue processing. Transactions may be locked to comply with government mandated refund periods. A transaction cannot be submitted until the unlock has

Fiat Amount

The fiat amount of the transaction.

Crypto Amount

The crypto amount of the transaction.

Crypto Address

The target wallet used in the transaction.


The state of this transaction in the queue.


  • Approve: allow this queued transaction to be submitted during the next regular cycle of automatic queue handling.

  • Send Now: ignore the queue and any locks; approve and submit the transaction now.

  • Remove From Queue: do not submit the transaction now or ever.

  • View in Transactions: navigate to the transaction in the Transaction Log.

Last sent:

The last date+time a transaction was sent from this queue.

Approve and submit all unlocked & pending transactions in this queue.


Name* (required)

Describe the Queue in the Name.

Organization* (required)

Assign an Organization to “own” the queue.

Crypto Currency* (required)

Select the Crypto Currency that applies.

Configuration Cash Currency

Optional fiat assignment for evaluation in Rules (below).

Sending Rules:

Require manual approval

Batches must be manually approved when the transaction amount exceeds the amount specified. Transactions below this amount will be sent immediately (not queued).

Minimum Cash Amount

  • required when manual approval is enabled.

  • Configuration Cash Currency required.

The minimum transaction amount that demands manual approval (e.g. large transactions that might exceed your hot wallet limit).

For all transactions identified as Suspicious by a Scoring Provider

When using a Scoring Provider, check this box to hold all suspicious transactions.

See: https://generalbytes.atlassian.net/l/cp/Tkq1mFHy

Delay transactions

Send qualifying transactions after a set delay.

Delay By (seconds)

  • required when Delay is enabled.

The amount of delay before submitting the transaction to the network.

Minimum Cash Amount

  • required when Delay is enabled.

  • Configuration Cash Currency required.

The transaction amount to qualify for the delay.

Automatically send transactions from this queue in one batch every:

Submit the pending batch automatically on a time schedule.


  • required when enabled.

Must be zero or higher.

Automatically send transactions from this queue in one batch when number of transactions is higher than:

Post the batch immediately when X transactions have accumulated (ignores time delays).

Number of transactions

  • required when enabled.

Must be greater than zero.

Save it:

IMPORTANT: assign this Output Queue in the appropriate Crypto Setting!


This Output Queue would submit (to your Hot Wallet or Exchange) all accumulated transactions every 30 minutes:


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