Dispenser Troubleshooting

If the dispenser in your BATM is giving you trouble, there are a few items that we’ll need to check.

If you continue to have trouble after reviewing this article, please provide these results in a Support ticket:

We’ll also need:

FIRST - always update your Terminal firmware!

See: https://generalbytes.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ESD/pages/934609130

You MUST upgrade to the latest version before we can troubleshoot the BATM. Many bugs are fixed with each release. The new version may have already fixed a known bug, and we’re all just wasting time if you’re using an old version of firmware. Update your BATM firmware, and confirm the bug is still present.


Watch the blue initialization screen as it starts. Everything should pass, does it?

  • Include a screenshot if possible.

Status Indicator

There’s a status code indicator on the right side of the assembly. The codes are rarely needed, but this is how you’ll find it. There will be a sequence displayed, we’ll need the entire sequence.

Don’t use metal tools in the window area when the power is on.

The BATMThree requires a mirror to view the code:

The BATMFour features an integrated mirror to make it easier to see:

Lastly, check your cartridges.

For critical notes, see:

  • The banknotes may not dispense correctly if they’re misaligned or worn (as noted in the article).

  • Make sure the cartridges are completely seated.

  • Look for jams. Normally this will be reported as an error code in the Event Log, but it never hurts to doublecheck.

If you’ve followed these instructions and still can’t sort it out, create a new Support ticket & provide us with the information requested at the top of this article.

  • Include your Organization name, and

  • the BATM serial number, as well as

  • a detailed description of the problem & any steps you’ve already taken to resolve them.

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