Connectivity Improvements

Your BATM must connect to CAS. The connection must be reliable & strong. In some cases, the wifi signal is too weak for a proper connection. Perhaps the router is too far away, and you have no control over the BATM placement? We understand; it happens.

An external antenna can be a security risk & may expose your BATM to casual vandalism.

The best solution is always Ethernet (where available).

See: Connecting your BATM using Ethernet

Here are some tested, reliable options for locations that don’t quite meet our connectivity demands.


OptConnect offers cellular modems. The modems connect to the BATM using the Ethernet port.

  • Contact OptConnect to setup your account & quickly get connected.

  • We currently recommend the OC-4500 model (pictured), OC-4600, or their Neo2.

External Antennas

In some instances, an external antenna makes sense.

In the rare instance that an external antenna is required, here are some guidelines & suggestions.


The Wifi connector at the BATM is a U.FL micro-coax cable fitting. These don’t come in many flavors.

  • The other end of the cable should typically be an RP-SMA.

Gently & carefully pry up the U.FL connector.

Leave it attached at the other end, but tuck it aside & away to prevent the cable from accidentally shorting out a component (or getting damaged).

Attach the new U.FL converter cable.

Orient in the same general direction as the integrated cable and connect to the same (right) U.FL port.

Secure this cable to the mainboard area!

  • An optional IDC bulkhead mount (shown in blue) can be 3D-printed if desired.

  • Zippy ties also work.

  • No matter how you do it, make sure the cable doesn’t just “hang”. It WILL pull out, and may damage expensive components in the process. It will also occur at the absolute worst time, see: Murphy's Law

Connect an SMA extension cable to the converter cable.

  • 1m (36”) “RP-SMA Male to RP-SMA Female Bulkhead Mount” is recommended.

  • Avoid placing tension on any cable. Allow plenty of slack, but not too much!

Wrap the extension cable around (or through) the cable wraps to avoid damage or disconnection.

Secure the other end of the extension cable to any available bulkhead hole.

  • The bulkhead nut protects it from being accidentally pulled out, use whenever possible.

Connect your antenna.

  • In some cases, it may be simplest to just connect the antenna to the protruding SMA connection (on the outside). In others, connect the external antenna cable and route as desired.

The gain & antenna for your region will vary. There is no universal answer, and some antennas are forbidden in certain areas. Check with your local regulatory agency for more information.

Most antennas (but not all) are “RP-SMA Male”.


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