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Please, help us to help you!

If you are having a problem with a transaction, please contact the Operator. We manufacture & sell BATMs around the world, and have no control or information about transactions on BATMs at locations that are owned by local Operators.

  • For assistance in identifying the Operator of a BATM in your area, please visit CoinATMRadar.

Your time is important. We want to fix your problem quickly so that you can do what you do best - run your business and trade crypto!

When you have a problem, we'll need certain information to help you. In our knowledgebase articles, we help you assemble the information required to try to identify your particular problem yourself, but we’ll need to know that you’ve tried that first. Please make use of the knowledgebase to save yourself time.

There's some information that we frequently must request. Each request from us delays your solution. This is the most basic information that we'll need to track your case and document solutions:

At a minimum, we will always need:

  • Your organization or business name (as known to General Bytes).

  • The BATM serial number (if one is involved).

Have you updated your BATM to the latest version?

  • We’ll need you to confirm this in the Support Ticket. Please include it (i.e. 20200120).

  • or email us at:

  • Our posted support hours can be found here.

  • We charge a monthly fee for priority assistance.


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