Terminal Permission Templates

You and your employees will use an admin QR code to access BATM administration screens onsite.

The code assigned to a specific person/employee can be restricted to permit only certain access to BATM functions while onsite. This may be useful, for instance - where a cash collection company services your cashboxes and you don’t want them fiddling with your administration settings.

As with any security measure, a good policy denies access (by default). Access is granted only if the access is needed.

This feature enables you to set/control/restrict certain functions:






User can access terminal Administration (ADMIN QR).


User can change the configuration of the dispenser cassettes.


User can change the number of banknotes in the dispenser cassettes.


User can trigger dispensing tests.


User can change the configuration of the recycler drums.DD R


User can trigger a recycler float down.

See: Recycler Float Down

Create a Template

When creating a new template, you must choose a specific Organization.

  • The template will be visible/usable for this Organization only.

Grant access where needed

The User needs to have ADMIN permission to access ADMIN. Grant other permissions as needed for those specific operations. The normal (default) ADMIN QR code does not have these restrictions (all access is granted by default).

  • Add a user for each ADMIN permission granted.

  • The master ADMIN QR (set in Terminal Details) will continue to work as usual.

  • All added users are visible beneath each permission.

Update the Terminal setting

Set the Terminal to use the new Terminal Permission Template.

See: https://generalbytes.atlassian.net/l/cp/x8oenWV9

Generate a User ADMIN QR

The User may now generate his/her own terminal ADMIN QR code in My Profile.

See: https://generalbytes.atlassian.net/l/cp/VxtapMiG

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