CAS Manual

CAS (“Crypto Application Server”) is the software required to interface and control your BATM fleet.

  • Upon logging into CAS, you’ll be brought to the default “Terminals” page.

  • The main page (top section) contains a Search tool, and your Profile.

At the top-right of the main CAS web page, you’ll see a search input box:


You may use that search section to quickly navigate to certain data points.

  • Remote or Local Transaction Record Id for Transaction search.

  • Identity Public Id for Identity search.

  • Invoice Public Id for Invoice search.

  • Location Public Id for Location search.

  • Cash Collection Id for Cash collection search.

  • Cash Replenishment Id for Cash replenishment search.

  • Output Queue Batch UId for Output queue batch search.

  • Terminal search (there are several options):

    • Partial Search - Type serial number or part of it. e.g. 'BT100' or '10123'

    • Multi Search - Type comma separated serial numbers (or parts of them).

      • e.g.'BT100,BT110123,BT110124,BT200'

    • Search by specified field - Type colon separated field name and its value.

      • e.g.'city:New York', 'ci:London' or 'street:Elm Street'

      • Possible field names:

        • city or ci - city from location

        • street or st - street from location

        • locationName or ln - location name

        • terminalName or tn - terminal name

        • serialNumber or sn - terminal serial number

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