Operators with unpaid GB balances can’t upgrade to this (or newer) versions.

BEFORE attempting the server upgrade:

  • Contact sales to gain access to the new APT package repository.

    • sales@generalbytes.com

  • A KYC check will be performed by Sales.

  • Your license must be verified & approved to successfully upgrade.


  • If you’re testing this version on a staging server, be aware that any connected BATMs may also be updated to 20230801 to support forced VPN connections.

  • You will not be able to revert those BATMs for use with an older CAS (on a production server)!


Release 20230801 is an important update for both terminal and server. Please read carefully the following summary.

More Secure - With respect to our commitment to increasing the security of our product, we are introducing three new security-related features in this release.

  1. A newer and more secure system of establishing trust between terminal and server. For this, we are introducing a new service called gate. Please read more about gate service and new pairing here. For backward compatibility gate service automatically upgrades terminals to 20230801 when being called by terminals with older versions.

  2. No VPN = No Business. Please note that this release doesn’t work without any sort of VPN in place. Protect your business against 0-days by operating terminals and server in secure environment. About supported deployment scenarios you can read here.

  3. Software updates are now distributed using Debian Package Management Infrastructure. Debian’s APT enables you to make sure that the software that you are installing on your servers was signed by GB and hasn’t been tampered with on the distribution path. Read more about APT here. Access to APT package repository is given only to operators that undergo AML check and have all invoices paid.

Renovation completed - After a year and a half of work, we finally managed to finish the rewrite of server administration to ReactJS. As a result of this, we are now replacing the obsolete WildFly application server formerly used by the admin service with the more modern technology of Java Spring Boot. We believe that the rewrite has resulted in a much faster UI with better usability on mobile devices while maintaining the same look and feel of the admin application to which all your staff is accustomed.

See what customer sees - with Terminal Remote Screen Inspection added to this release you can remotely observe the contents of the screen currently being displayed at the terminal screen. All this via server admin.

YASPF (Yet another scam protection feature) - Scammed people typically think that they are sending money to someone instead of thinking about purchasing coins. With this new feature turned on, the machine asks the customer whether he owns/controls the wallet.

Tag me if you can - Does your staff need to be able to mark transactions? Not a problem anymore. Now you can tag transactions with your own tags. Assigning tags can be done manually from the admin interface or from Extension.

We recommend you have your terminals already connecting via the Terminal VPN to the server before upgrading to 20230801.

Complete list of changes

New Features:

  • Server: Rewrite of administration interface to ReactJS is now complete.

  • Server: Wildlfy application server is now removed.

  • Server/Terminal: Added Terminal Remote Screen Inspection to see from server what is displayed on terminal screen.

  • Server/Terminal: Added new more secure Terminal+Server pairing mechanism.

    Operator must manually accept terminal pairing request on server by entering text read from terminal screen.

  • Server: Added new service called gate used for pairing.

  • Server/Terminal: Added possibility to ask customer on terminal whether he owns the wallet's destination address.

  • Server: Added possibility to change title of CAS admin pages. Useful when you run multiple CAS servers.

  • Server: Added support for tagging terminal transactions

  • Server: Added possibility to filter transactions by tags

  • Server: Added possibility of updating transaction tags from Extensions

  • Server: In Organization settings you can specify whether the tier limits set for BUY and SELL should be considered as separate for SELL and BUY or calculated together. By DEFAULT is separate (prior functionality).


  • Server: Added Terminal transaction CSV export on Location page

  • Server: Webhooks now contain organizationId and organizationName

  • Server: Transaction scoring results now contain more detailed information in transaction note.

  • Server: Added ability to modify transactionrecordcustomdata from the extension

  • Server: LogViewer is now rewritten to ReactJS

  • Server: Identity approving is now rewritten to ReactJS

  • Server: Added possibility to set Marketing opt-in/opt-out via extensions.

  • Server: Added identity.publicId variable for custom strings

  • Server: Added ORGANIZATIONS_ACCESS_ALL permission that enables CAS users to see and modify data from other organizations.

  • Server: Added new Notification "Queued Transactions Failed"

  • Server: Added possibility to install CAS without MySQL database.

  • Server: Removed AMLv1 support.

  • Server: WhaleBooks endpoint updated.

  • Server: Terminal OTP codes are now generated on server and expire in 15 mins.

  • Terminal: Rewritten Scan Two Documents screen

  • Terminal: Added support for CoinCloud machine QR code scanner.

Bug Fixes:

  • Terminal: Fixed rare BNR driver crashes.

  • Server: Canceled transaction on terminal can be now also resent from server

  • Server: Default skin was missing in UI.

  • Server: Sending SMS test message from organization admin page contains only date but not the time.

  • Terminal: Don't display sell rate when sell is disabled.

  • Server: Admin user is now not able to delete last admin user.



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