New Features:

  • Server/Terminal: Add support for Jamaican Dollar

  • Server/Terminal: Added Albanian Language translation

  • Server/Terminal: Added new notifications for acceptor not detected and acceptor disconnected.

  • Server/Terminal: Added mode for dispensing from BNR loader cassettes only.

  • Server: Added buy and sell USDT-TRON support via BitGo


  • Server: Added Italy provinces in Admin.

  • Server: Added column "province" to identity XML export file and to identity CSV export file

  • Server: Added Terminal Status Filter for All Errors

  • Server: Add location public id to list of terminal transactions export on Terminal

  • Server: Export all locations to CSV and including public ids on "locations" page

  • Server: Adding location ID and respective hyperlinks to "Location Terminal Deployments" page

  • Server/Extensions: Added findIdentityBase methods.

  • Server: Billing UI rewritten to ReactJS.

  • Server: Server search rewritten to ReactJS.

  • Server: Terminal uptime analytics rewritten to ReactJS.

  • Server: Add suspend & unsuspend action to GDPR audit log

  • Server: Batm install script should create batm user without home and shell

  • Server: batm-manage send payment has mining fee optional parameter

  • Server: Modification of "CashLowNotification" so that it lists the amount in individual dispensers

  • Terminal: Don't log scanned private keys also for other altcoins.

  • Terminal: Cash dispenser's enhanced error logging in the event log.

  • Terminal: Added Touchscreen test to diagnostics test on terminal

Bug Fixes:

  • Server: Circle references in database removed.

  • Server: Names of video files uploaded on server are now preserved.

  • Server: Fixed Bitbuy.ca API support

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