New Features:

Server: Added support for Premium tier - a tier above Registered tier.
Server/Terminal: Added possibility to allow CAS users entering different parts of terminal administration.

  • Every user generates his own QR code for entering terminal administration.
    Terminal: Added Montenegro flag in terminal UI.


Server: First half of admin UI is rewritten to ReactJS.
Server: Added ability to create restore points via batm-manage.
Server: Added ability to assign identity to sell and withdraw transactions.
Server: EveryTrade renamed to WhaleBooks.
Server: Don't report Binance rate source misconfiguration as an exception.
Server: Added ability to allow only withdrawals by same identity as sell was created.
Terminal: Printer disconnected should be a warning.
Terminal: Added ability to cancel diagnostic test.
Terminal: Faster camera preview on some screens.
Terminal: Terminal reboot action is performed only when terminal gets to a home screen or screensaver.

Bug Fixes:

Server: Various Veriff fixes.

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