New Features:

Server/Terminal: By terminal unrecognized QR codes containing wallet addresses are sent to server for second stage recognition processing.

  • Leads to improved readability of QR codes that do not follow standards.

  • This method is also used to collect QR codes that ATM doesn't recognizes, that may be used in future for software improvements.

Terminal: Added support for audio jack upgrade.
Server: Added automatic customer registration when customer is verified by external verification provider such as Veriff and ability to set required fields.


Server: Added possibility to enable rule to Output Queues that will require manual approval for transactions with Risk Score Classification Levels 8 and 9.
Server: Sprites, videos, skins and resource bundles pages rewritten to ReactJS.
Server: Address and phone blacklist pages are rewritten to ReactJS.
Server: Added address parsing for Veriff enterprise
Server: Added REST endpoint to see list of loaded extensions.
Server: Added links on terminal deployment page.
Server: Backup restore improvements
Server: Added option to optionally send information about sent transactions to Chainanalysis.
Server: Show deposit addresses for sell transactions in admin.
Server: Handle null properly when exporting NULL values to CSV.
Server: Increased number of possible withdrawal confirmations to 15.
Server: Added duplicate registration check when customer is registered automatically via Veriff/Onfido.
Server: Added possibility to enable url shortening via Twillio configuration parameters.
Server/Terminal: Added custom error message for blacklisted address
Terminal: No wallet screen contains App store and Google play icons.
Terminal: Welcome text on Welcome screen is auto-resizing to fit one line.
Terminal: Camera focus settings removed from terminal administration as they are no longer used.
Terminal: Improved fingerprint reader initialization.
Terminal: Use selfie camera when main camera is disconnected.
Terminal: Refactored code that works with locales.
Terminal: Updated Croatian translations.
Terminal: TRANSACTION ATTEMPTS REACHED notification text changed.

Bug Fixes:

Terminal: Fixed possible fingerprint detection crashes.
Terminal: Show error toast in terminal admin screen when there is issue with cash device
Server: Submitting cash collection note should not perform redirect

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