Upgrade to 20230801 before upgrading to 20230901.


This release is only distributed via Debian Package Repository.


Release 20230901 is improving credit and debit card payments functionality. Operators can now disallow certain payment methods for individual tiers and set different minimum payment amount for cash and card as well as limit amount being transacted with individual card in anonymous tier.

Complete list of changes


  • Server/Terminal: Added ability to set allowed payment methods (CASH/CARD) for each tier.

  • Server/Terminal: Added ability to set minimum amount for coin purchases with card in crypto settings.

  • Server/Terminal: Added possibility to more customize choose limit screen and its buttons with pictures and texts.

  • Server/Terminal: Offer customer option to lower the amount paid by card on anonymous tier when limit on card number is reached.

  • Server/Terminal: Transactions also retain information about last 4 digits of a payment card , expiration date, card type, and card issuer.

Bug Fixes:

  • None

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