New Features:

  • Server/Terminal: Added support for OpenVPN client running on terminal.

  • Server/Terminal: Hardware configuration pinning.

  • Server/Terminal: Added support for HNL currency (Honduran lempira)


  • Terminal: Showing insufficient limit before insert money screen.

  • Terminal: Cryptocurrency icons should show up faster on the screen

  • Terminal: Remote BNR firmware update is now possible when terminal is connected via USB.

  • Terminal/Server: Terminal displays QR code that user can scan to initiate Veriff verification.

  • Server: Wallet sending is now asynchronous from exchange re-buy.

  • Server: Server now waits only 50 seconds for response from wallet.

  • Server: Identities, Skins and Terminal permission templates, Message Templates should now load faster in admin.

  • Server: Transactions have newly separate statuses for exchange and wallet.

  • Server: Skin palette elements fixed.

Bug Fixes:

  • Server: Removed marker character from thread name in master log.

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