OOO: Unknown network error

This message may be displayed on your BATM when an unexpected or unhandled network error occurs. This is usually triggered by a failed download of some sort.

In many cases, a bad connection is at fault. This is not an uncommon problem with WiFi.

  • Try a hotspot or alternate temporary method of connection to enable a solid connection for any download that may be required by the BATM.


  1. Unpair your Terminal, see: TLS Errors

  2. Update your BATM’s firmware:

  3. Examine your master log for errors associated with the relevant BATM.

    1. Search for the search number (e.g. BT123456).

  4. If your BATM cannot download a Skin file, you may see this error.

    1. Reset the Terminal’s Skin to DEFAULT.

We recommend you use Ethernet cabling to a hardline Internet source.

Relevant information:

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