BATM: BATM has stopped


While booting, a message on a black screen reports “BATM has stopped”.


We hope everything works perfectly forever. Sadly, this isn't always the case.

BATMs will display this message when something has gone awry. The reasons behind this can be difficult to diagnose. This can mean a problem in the BATM, or a problem with your settings. Either way, the BATM has encountered a fatal error and “stopped”. Often this infrequent problem is easily resolved.

Here are some possibilities:

  1. Turn off power to your BATM for a few minutes.

  • Switching it off from the inside isn't enough to reset everything.

2. The software version used is suddenly incompatible with the universe.

3. The Terminal settings within CAS may be incomplete or damaged. 

  • Examine your Terminal's settings and verify they are all proper & complete.

  • Change a trivial setting, and attempt to save it.

If you see this error, then you have a missing or invalid setting in CAS.

  • The problem is not in the BATM.

  • The solution is in your CAS: Terminal settings.

    • Check that all required settings are valid and present.

    • Open each setting individually (AML/KYC, Fiat, Location, etc) and check them.

5. You've updated the server, but not the BATM:

6. An electronic component of the BATM is failing or has failed.

7. Try resetting the BATM to factory defaults - if all else has failed.

If the problem persists, please create a new Support Ticket.

  • Note in the ticket any steps that you’ve already completed to avoid repetition.

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