The “AKAREL” is the heart of the BATM, and is itself composed of several discrete components.

  • This guide describes the AKAREL10, which is used on some models of the BATMTwo.

ALWAYS unplug your BATM before attempting disassembly or installation.


AKAREL10 Mainboard

The Illuminator and the Acceptor DB9 cables attached:

The fingerprint scanner and QR scanner attached:


  • Check for proper seating of the CPU coreboard.

  • The metal edges of the contacts should be even and barely visible.

  • The coreboard is connected and held in-place by the two clips.

When installing the core, listen for the click:

WiFi Antenna

The WiFi antenna is attached to the door, facing outwards, covered by the GB label. The other end is a U.FL micro-coax cable fitting and it simply presses onto the socket located on the coreboard.

  • REMOVAL: Gently lift the WiFi cable connection up & off with a screwdriver.

  • ATTACHMENT: orient the fitting over the socket and press gently down. The cable should be oriented as shown for proper seating.

LCD display connectors:

The LVDS (Low-Voltage Differential Signaling) cable provides the screen details (pixel control).

  • Possible symptoms of malfunction include: scrambled video, lines in video, missing colors.

The backlight cable provides power to the display panel.

  • A typical symptom of malfunction is no video (a “dead screen”).

For the technically adept, the other ends of these 2 cables connect to the LED display panel.


Shipping the AKAREL10 for service:

1. Remove the USB, power, and WiFi cables.

Some models will also have an attached DB9 cable (#5) servicing an MEI/ CPI acceptor. Two thumbscrews hold the DB9 connector in place (turn counter-clockwise to loosen). They should be only hand-tight (no tools required) - but on occasion they may require pliers to initially loosen them.

AKAREL7 shown for reference, but the connections are similar.

2. Remove the nuts holding the AKAREL10 in place.

Four mounting nuts hold the component to the frame, located at the circled positions on the bracket.

  • DON’T snap off the tabs. This picture is intended to show you WHERE the nuts would be located.

  • The pictured tabs are not the nuts.

3. Ship THIS (only):

  • The coreboard is typically part of the AKAREL assembly, and

    • should be included when shipping the assembly.

  • The AKAREL cover plate should also be attached to harden against occasional shipping damage.


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