Admin Service Issues


The CAS GUI is unavailable; the website cannot be reached.

The "Admin" service is one of two critical services that run on your hosted server.  The admin service enables remote browser access for administration of your CAS settings.

If you cannot connect to CAS using your web browser, then the problem may lie within your CAS server.

BATMs do not use or rely on the Admin service. If the GUI is available, abandon this article.


If the Admin service is disrupted, your BATMs will continue to operate, but you won't be able to view or make changes to their settings remotely. Here are some solutions to the most common problems.

The underlying cause of this type problem may arise in one of five areas:

  • Your computer, your router, your internet provider, your CAS host, or your CAS server may be down (or any combination of these possible failure points).

1. Check your browser:

Read this article regarding insecure connections:

  • If you've never used CAS before, be sure to read the article.

2. Check your server's internet address:

From your server's command line interface (CLI), copy/paste or type:

wget -qO -
  • You should receive an immediate reply with your public IP address.

    • Note this IP - you’ll need it for the next step.

It should match the IP address reported using:

hostname -I

3) Check your CAS services:

First, identify if the Admin service is running. From your server's command line interface (CLI), type:

sudo /batm/batm-manage info

Ensure that your public IP address (as identified in Step 2) is correct!

If the public IP address is WRONG, then copy/paste (or type):

  • Alternatively, manually edit the IP in the "/batm/config/network" file.

If you open a support ticket, include all the listed information.

  • Send a screenshot or picture of this info.

4. Try restarting the Admin service:

  • Permit the service time to startup (90+ seconds)

  • Use the "info" command again to see if it is working:       

5. Examine the logging for errors:

If the admin service still won’t start, the explanation will almost always be caught in the logs.

Start the admin service using this special command:

  • the admin service will attempt to start - but it will display ALL messages onscreen - successes AND failures. Not all failures are unexpected or unwanted; they are merely reporting tools and the information is used for complex debugging.

  • Errors reported towards the end are the most relevant.

If the admin service is started without the “fg" switch (using “start"), then the admin log will be concatenated to any previous admin log, and can be examined by typing:

6. CAS is designed to run on UBUNTU LTS ONLY.

7. Ensure that your server meets the minimum requirements.

Our recommended configurations are tested over and over.

a. Doublecheck the directions:

b. Check that you have enough free space on your drive:

  • Should report at least 5GB free drive space for both services to run reliably.

c. Ensure that any server firewalls are properly configured:

8. Disable any loaded custom extensions.

A custom extension may cause the admin service to stop. If you’ve tried everything else, disable any custom extensions that you’ve installed. If you’ve never installed an extension - then there’s nothing to disable - but if you have? Try disabling it to eliminate it as a possible cause.


9. If you've covered these steps and still have problems, contact support .

  • Include the results of "batm-manage info"

Other potential causes include:

  • CPU overloading, resulting in random intermittent server reboots,

    • Insufficient memory,

    • Hardware failure,

    • Attacks by malicious actors overloading your server.

  • These problems are outside the scope of General Bytes support.

  • Please contact your hosting provider or a third-party trusted vendor to address server issues and/or required upgrades. Watch your server usage graphs (if available). Use the "top" utility to watch processor load. It should stay well below 50% on a normal system.

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